Genealogie Hoorewech

To all our family members living abroad

We are pleased that you are interested in the Hoorewech family. Members of this family have started The Genealogical Society ‘Hoorewech’ officially on November 28, 1996 . The society represents the interest of all members who are descendants of Jannetje Hoorewech, who lived in The Netherlands from about 1550 tot 1617. The family names we know at present are Hoornweg, Hoorweg,Horeweg and Hoornweg van Rij. They all belong to the same family-tree.


We all have our origin in the village Overschie, nearby Rotterdam, Holland, where since ca 1500 the farm of the same name was situated. Sadly this farm has been demolished in the 1950's. Fortunately the Hoornweg, the street where the farm stood, is still there.


The most important task of our society is the expansion and upkeep of all family information from the earliest period till now on. Our genealogical department manages and records, by means of computer, about 3500 names of descendants, wives and husbands, parents and so on. This file is available to you via this website. When your name is Hoor(n)weg, maybe your personal data, or those of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. are in it as well. Looking for forebearers is easier when you search for the surname of wife or husband, not being a Hoor(n)weg by birth. Part of the data is open (password) to members only, for privacy reasons. One of our members takes care of a detailed archive of many interesting documents, pictures, deeds, etc about the family tree and the individual members with their stories.



In order to keep in touch with our members during the year, we publish a quarterly News letter under the name of ‘Hoorngeschal'. This newsletter acts as information medium between the board of the society and its members, and of course it also contains interesting information about Hoor(n)weg’s nowadays and stories about living and working as a Hoorewech/Hoornwegh/Horewegt in former times. At this moment the society has nearly 56 members, with a few members living outside the Netherlands. You can imagine that during the years a substantial amount of family members have been emigrated and we are pleased to have enthusiastic family nucleus in countries as Canada, the United States and Australia. When you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the secretary of the Society, Evert Hoorweg. When you want to know something about the family tree, please contact Cobi Hoorweg.


Hoornweg in Australia


Daniel Hoornweg in Noord-Amerika

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